Happy Tech Week!!

Here are some photos from Nationwide Children's Hospital treating their Techs for Tech Week. Thanks to ALL Lab Animal Technicians for the integral part you play in animal welfare and research!!


"We made goody bags that were celestial themed (milky way, starburst, orbit gum), had cake and ice cream, a nice lunch, and a bagel breakfast.  It was a good week 😊" - Jennifer Hess

There are some very creative folks at CRL! Below are a few photos of team mascots designed by the techs for a contest in preparation for Tech Week.


"Squeal Armstrong" wins the mascot contest!

Techs had a great week with many treats such as donuts, pizza, and goodie bags with treats, keychains, and more!

Check out this adorable Thank You Card from the Techs at CRL to COBAALAS for helping sponsor Tech Week!